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September 2008
Volume 14, Issue 9


Typical camping cuisine


Nadia belaying


Is that a moose in the background?


Climbing at Veyo


Snafu being Snafu


A roaring campfire


Annalisa breaking out the good stuff



Toby with our LVMC banner


Some of the remaining buildings of the ghosttown of Morey


Looking in the direction of Morey Peak (not the direction we went) from our camp


Lucas looking so cool as we take a break


Erika, Brett (with Lucas on his back), and Dazey, descending


Josh posing along the trail


Dave relaxes after a day of hiking


Hanging out in our campsite



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May 24-25, 2008
Report and Photos by Nadia von Magdenko

To increase our members' climbing skills, an advanced climbing trip to Veyo, Utah was placed on the schedule. We had a great group of people who participated, including myself, Steve Krall, Annalisa Helm, Snafu (like Madonna, he only needs one name), Richard Baugh, Doug Haldky, Mike 'I am a teacher' Ryan, Cassondra Long and Dima Khelifa. This was a two-day overnight trip, where we camped out near Gunlock State Park. We were actually on BLM land in an area next to the stream in a free camping spot. The nights were cool and the climbing days were fun.

This trip was for those who already lead-climbed or those who wanted to break into lead-climbing. On Saturday, we climbed at an area I had frequented many times, while on Sunday, we climbed at the Picnic Wall, a new area for all of us. Everyone had their hand at leading climbs on both days, starting off with a friendly 5.3 and moving up to 5.6's, 5.7's and 5.8's.

One of our first climbs at the new area on Sunday, was allegedly a 5.8. Doug, being the gentleman that he is, said he would lead this hitherto unknown climb. Doug did a phenomenal job and 'red pointed' (aka climbed it clean without falling or seeing anyone else climb it) the climb, which everyone agreed was more like a hard 5.9. I apologized for sandbagging Doug, but he was such a strong climber and leader it didn't matter.

Steve Krall put up the hard climbs that people wanted to top-rope 5.10s and 5.11s (come on, there has to be a rope gun on any climbing outing!) Cassondra improved her lead technique on the trip, since it turned out that she had been doing a lot of leading on her own. Prior to the trip, I said that everyone had to lead. However, Cassondra's daughter, still a teenager in high school, I felt was exempt. However, Dima did a great job leading herself!

Snafu is always happy

Of course, Snafu and Richard, long-time leaders, had a great time leading and climbing and were an unending source of entertainment over the weekend. Annalisa, also a good 5.8 leader, led many climbs over the weekend. Mike Ryan also led his first outdoor climb and exhibited a great lead head.

I want to congratulate Annalisa, Mike, Doug, Cassondra and Dima who were all recent top-ropers, but who now are terrific lead climbers! For me, of course, it was nice to let other people put up the climbs, while I 'managed' everything! I hope to see you out at the crag.


September 5-6, 2008
Report and Photos by Joel Brewster

From our campsite, Morey Peak was basically to the south, so being the wise leader that I am, I led our group north. In my defense, it was early so I wasn't thinking too clearly. Also, Morey is so remote that it is nearly impossible to find a good route description. I had the book, Hiking the Great Basin by Hart, and it vaguely described a route, including taking the right fork of the old road we were hiking. The right fork (obviously not the correct one) we took petered out soon and led us to the north, in the opposite direction of our goal. After crossing numerous drainages and negotiating some tough terrain, Josh, Dave Luttman and I finally gained a ridgeline and surveyed our position.

Much to our chagrin, we realized that the summit was still quite distant. As it was approaching noon and we were pretty tired from the hike up until this point, we decided to call it a day and head back. As we descended down to the road (the one we should have been on), we spotted Brett, Erika, and four-month old Lucas. They had camped in a different spot and had hiked up from their campsite and located the correct route. We informed them that the peak was still quite far, so they decided to hike back together with us.

We all chatted as we headed back to our camp to see how Kim, two-year old Nick, Amy, six-year old Toby, and two-year old Sierra were getting along. Actually, since we had radio contact with them most of the day, we knew they were doing well, but were a little warm. Our campsite was not bad, but was lacking in large trees to provide shade. Amy and Kim rigged a small tarp between the cars to provide some shade, but of course the kids were constantly moving, and spent little time in the shade!

Our campsite was located about 100 yards past the ghosttown of Morey. Morey was settled in 1869 as gold and silver ore was discovered nearby, and grew to the point where a post office was built in 1872. The post office closed in 1905 as Morey became deserted. A landslide destroyed much of the town in the 1950's, but there are the remains of four small buildings there now. There is also a good-sized apple tree with good-tasting fruit according to Dave.

Once we all returned to camp, Brett and Toby hiked back to Brett and Erika's camp to get their car. Toby enjoyed the two-mile hike and did a fine job radioing us to give us reports on their progress. We broke camp and packed up, as we planned to drive home that night.

From what I understand, Josh and Kim prepared one of their legendary camping feasts that we were sad to miss. However, we did have a good dinner at the Little AleInn in Rachel, which I would highly recommend. Brett, Erika, Lucas, Dave, Josh, Kim, and Nick drove back the next day through Tonopah as they were low on gas. All in all, it was a fun trip to a beautiful, remote area, despite our missing our goal. As Dave pointed out, now we have a reason to come back!

Toby exploring the ghosttown (under the apple tree)


Camping is tiring!




The Las Vegas Mountaineers monthly meeting this month
is on Tuesday, September 30th (FIFTH Tuesday of the month) at

Clark County Library, 1401 E. Flamingo Road, between Eastern and Maryland Parkway. We will be meeting in the Jewel Box Theater.
Meeting time is 7:00 p.m.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Clark County Library

Search & Rescue in Southern Nevada

Officer Jim Roberts

Officer Roberts has been a Las Vegas Metro Police Officer for 8 1/2 years, and been assigned to Search and Rescue for 4 1/2 years. He is also trained as a paramedic and certified in all aspects of search and rescue.

Officer Roberts will give a presentation and talk about desert survival as well as the do's and don't's of experiencing the great outdoors.



Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Clark County Library


Paul Des Roches

Prepare to explore these ever-changing Jules Verne-esque worlds of wonder. Glide through swirling waterways of sculpted rock, some slots over 100 feet deep, on this surreal photo-journey of four local canyons. Learn rope skills and about available gear specific to this sport. Allow yourself to be humbled by the inconceivable injury statistics, the dynamic nature of the challenges, and the awareness of the dire consequences of any miscalculations. Then go take a course like I did.


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