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Chris and Kenny with Mummy's Toe


Group photo at Raintree


Hiking up Trail Canyon


Beautiful view of Mt. Charleston



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May 31, 2008
Report by Paul Des Roches

Hear ye, hear ye, the following is the Trip report for the Beginning Top-rope Session held Saturday May 31st, 2008, lead by Paul Des Roches with Snafu acting as second. Snafu and I stunt-doubled for Trip Coordinator Alan Andrunas who had come down with a case of Ratchet Knuckles. No, that is not a micro-brewery.

The weather was perfect. We had lots of newbies and sophomores as well. Jessica and Skip were first-timers on real rock and Frank and Dale were pretty fresh out of the box as well. We managed to get everybody up routes and excited about the sport. The whole gang got a taste of the beginning of Water Streak which is a 5.10a, an intermediate route, and a feel of where their progress would eventually take them! Our chosen climbing area for this trip is called Tuna and Chips Wall. It features sport, mixed and traditional climbing. Most of the climbs here are rated 5.7, which is a beginner level of climbing, with a couple lower and a few higher routes scattered about.

Snafu and I agree that Albacore Man is a tricky 5.7 and possibly underrated. As a lead climb if one tracks left and right a bit it is a 5.7 perhaps but following the bolt line is a bit thin for such a low rating. Snafu set up a 5.8 top-rope on an unnamed route on the far left of the T & C Wall as well as Chips Ahoy, a 5.9, on the right, and some other 5.7s. All in all we had ropes up on 7 routes. Anybody going to Tuna and Chips should pay particular attention to the "R" ratings. These routes are really run-out between bolts. The Water Streak is a 5.8 that has a 23-foot distance between its second and third bolt and the second bolt is only just over 20 feet off the ground......that's a 46-foot lead-fall for any of you math challenged if you fall while clipping......and you are only 43 feet up. That's bad. Clipping this bolt is extremely sketchy from the left side as what we all call "The Red Book" suggests and is pure slopy smearville to clip from the right with virtually nothing positive for a hand hold. I suggest not leading it. The Water Streak is fun to climb, so if it interests you, I suggest climbing Chips and Salsa as Snafu did and traverse over to Water Streak and set up a top rope. This same rope will allow you to climb the 5.7 to the right of Water Streak (not named) which is a nice beginner 5.7......but remember, it can only be top-roped.

After this fun-filled day of climbing we all went to BJs to rehydrate and put back on any fat that we may have lost by exercising. Special thanks goes out to Grant for acting as rope gun! See ya in the funny pages!


June 28, 2008
Report and Photos by Kristi Meyer

You couldn’t have asked for a more glorious day. The sun was bright, the breeze was refreshing, and compared to the scorching valley, the temps in the Mt. Charleston area were fantastically cool. And did I mention how great the company was? Edith “I wouldn’t follow me if I were you” Walker, Joan “will travel for great hikes” Kelsey, Frank “how I love a leisurely hike” Simpson, Charles “age is just a number” Finnila, Mike “why does it feel longer going down” Ryan, Nel “have iPod will hike” Cumelis, and Colin “Johnny on the spot” Okada joined leader Kristi “we’re almost there” Meyer and her 13-month old son Kenny “wide eyes, big grin” Meyer and husband Chris “daddy mule” Meyer for a late June hike to Raintree.

Instead of taking the more-popular North Loop route from Deer Creek Rd., we opted to head up Trail Canyon trail. Two miles up (and up and up) we trod from Echo Road. We kept a steady pace and found ourselves at the junction with North Loop after about 90 minutes. Snacks were consumed, conversations were shared, water was guzzled, and then we were off for another mile (maybe a little over) to Raintree. We had the place to ourselves when we arrived, but shortly there after “rush hour” set in. Raintree was gracious; she made room for all. Most of us rested, ate, and watched Kenny burn some energy at just under 10,000 feet, but Charles set off down North Loop a ways to explore, and Mike and Frank took the short trail to Mummy Springs. They reported back that the trail to the springs was downhill in both directions. How amazing is that????

Scenic view on way to Raintree

The trip down (and down and down) was a retrace of our uphill steps and offered spectacular views of Griffith Peak, Charleston Peak, the ridge in between, etc. Color was everywhere – celestial blue skies, soft white clouds, deep green foliage, stark gray rock, and a smattering of white, yellow, red and purple wildflowers. Oh yeah, and miles of dirt brown trail. All made it back safe and rejuvenated (in a tired but proud way) to the vehicles, and we started the drive off the mountain around 1:45 pm. What a great way to spend a Saturday.

Footnote: We apparently got out of Echo Canyon about 60 minutes before that small plane crashed and ignited a fire. Yikes!



The Las Vegas Mountaineers monthly meeting this month
is on Tuesday, July 15th (THIRD Tuesday of the month) at

Clark County Library (in the Jewel Box Theater),
1401 E. Flamingo Rd., just east of Maryland Pkwy.

Meeting time is 7:00 p.m.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mount Rainier

Chris Ransel

In August of 2003 a group of 13 Las Vegas Mountaineers followed their fearless leader, Alan Andrunas, up the flanks of Mt. Rainier. Follow the group from training to sumit and down again for a wonderful show that will excite the mountaineer hidden in all of us.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Posh Sport Climbing Crags

Nadia von Magdenko & Steve Krall

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