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September 2007
Volume 13, Issue 8


Crossing Griffith Creek at the beginning of the hike


Adults, kids and dogs on the summit of Delano Peak


Joel and Sierra take in the panorama


Photos by Nathan Petrosian and Jim Albamont

Nathan, Valentina, Xavier, and Jim on the summit of Red Slate Mountain on an LVMC summer trip


View of Red Slate from below


Nathan and Valentina happy in the mountains


Climbing the 1000 ft. snow chute just below the summit


Jim flashes a winning smile


Up, up, up


Nathan and Valentina celebrate summitting




Jim, Valentina, and Xavier with Red Slate





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August 31- September 2, 2007
Report and Photos by Nicholas Owen

I like camping... a lot, so Mom and Dad took me up to Utah for the Labor Day weekend. We camped at a place called Big John Flat…it’s a nice campground with lots of horse and cattle roaming through the campsites, and a creek running through a nearby meadow. I didn’t get to meet Big John, but the animals left lots of piles of poo poo I liked to step in with my new hiking boots….no big deal though, dad washed me off in the creek.

A few of my friends from LVMC camped with me….Toby and Sierra brought their mom & dad, and my friend Howard came too. Before we went hiking on Saturday, Toby’s dad drove his Jeep backwards onto a rock…it was really funny watching the grown-ups try and push the big truck off the rock!!

We made it to the trailhead finally and we hiked up a really big hill my dad called Delano Peak. It was super high -12,169 feet, the highest I’ve ever been!

Sierra and I rode on our daddy’s backs up the steep hills. There was no trail, so our dads huffed up the rocky areas and stomped through big, rolling meadows. Then there were no more trees, so I could see really far…there were beautiful peaks all around me. I thought I had to be near heaven. The sky was so blue and clear we took a break and had a snack halfway up.

As soon as we started up again, I noticed the sky was getting cloudy! I like rain though, so I wasn’t scared. My mom said something to my dad about how lightning was bad when we were up high, but he pretended he didn’t hear and kept going up up up….

We reached the very top and it was getting really windy. We all signed our names and put the little notebook into a black mailbox! Yes, there was a black mailbox up here on the very top of this mountain. We took a picture with everybody on the summit, and then my daddy showed me a bunch of white mountain goats resting on the hills below us.

We headed back down the mountain, it didn’t take very long to get back to camp. Sierra and I helped make dinner…

We helped dig a fire pit…

And chop wood…

The next morning my friend Howard got up really early and went fishing. He brought back 3 big fish and I got to touch them. He was going to eat the fish for dinner later, yummy.

I really liked playing with my friends Toby and Sierra at the campsite. I can’t wait to go camping again!



The Las Vegas Mountaineers hold their monthly meetings at the Sahara West Library,
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mountaineering Adventures in Peru
John "Snafu" Mueller

Our own Snafu presents his experiences mountaineering in the Cordillera Vilcanota mountain range in Peru. He will also be including photos of the ruins of Machu Picchu, presumably delivered in his always witty way.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Peaks Here & Abroad
Courtney Purcell

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