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March 2006
Volume 12, Issue 3


Toby is excited about his first "solo" LVMC hike


Bob, Amy, Kristi & Toby pause for a photo along the trail


It's a cakewalk along the plateau near the summit


Group summit photo


Bob pondering Hoover Dam and Lake Mead



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February 26, 2006
Report by Amy Brewster, Photos by Joel Brewster

Participants: Alda Behie, Bob Grozenski, Kristi Meyer, Peggy Rescheske, Joel, Amy, Toby & Sierra Brewster

We started out on a beautiful February day, hoping to successfully hike Fortification Hill. The last time Joel, Amy, Toby, and Bob tried to get to Fortification Hill, we were thwarted by the Hoover Dam Bypass project. We had heard the road was passable again, so Alda, Kristi, Peggy and 2-month-old Sierra joined us this time to check it out. This was four-year-old Toby’s first LVMC hike without being carried at all. He last ascended Fortification Hill at 10 months old via backpack. (Click HERE for photo.)

The weather was gorgeous. The sun might have been too hot while we exerted ourselves if not for a perfect cool breeze. Our conversation was interrupted at times by helicopters and a few small planes flying overhead. The group (well, mostly Toby and Joel) counted 49 helicopters that passed overhead during our hike, carrying tourists to spectacular views of Lake Mead.

Kristi pointed out how memorable this hike is because Fortification Hill’s flat top is so visible in the Lake Mead area. When viewed from below, it’s fun to remember hiking across the “table-top” in the final moments before the summit.

Sierra hitches a ride from Kristi

We enjoyed a moderate to slow pace, as no one was in a hurry and four-year-old legs are pretty short. At the top, we munched on lunch while taking in a 360-degree view of the Strip, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Hamblin Mountain, Muddy Mountain and even snow on Mt.Charleston all the way across the valley. We all took our turn to sign the register (even Toby), then headed down.

Toby signing his first summit register!

Click HERE for a great panoramic photo of Fortification Hill on Thanks, Brandon for letting us use this awesome photo!
We finished our trip with a stop at the Boulder City A&W Root Beer. Brett Dawson initiated us seven years ago into his tradition of root beer floats after Lake Mead-area hikes. We’ve never had reason to challenge a yummy tradition like that.

Replacing those precious calories at A&W


Come join us Thursday evenings at the rock gym (now called Red Rock Climbing Center), located at Charleston and Cimarron.
No experience required. We're there 6-8 pm.
Shoes are available to rent at the gym and some harnesses are available.
Contact Bruce Lacroix.



The Las Vegas Mountaineers hold their monthly meetings at the Sahara West Library,
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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Courtney Purcell




Tuesday, April 25, 2006
My Sierra Summer 2005
Xavier Wasiak


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